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WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging applications in the world. However, there are some limitations to the app’s features and customization options.

That’s where WhatsApp Plus APK comes in – a modified version of WhatsApp that offers additional features and customization options. In this article, we will explore the features of WhatsApp Plus APK, how to download and install it, and provide screenshots to illustrate each feature.

APK NameWhatsApp Plus (WAPLUS)
Latest Versionv17.71
Update April 2024

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Overview About WhatsApp Plus

The official version of WhatsApp comes from the official developers of the WhatsApp team. It is available on Play Store just like a regular app. If you want to use basic features, then you can stick with the official version of WhatsApp.

However, if you want to use advanced features then the WhatsApp Plus app is made for you.WhatsApp Plus is based on the official WhatsApp app and alternative to GB WhatsApp. It comes with all the basic features that regular WhatsApp comes with.

But there’s a twist, apart from the regular features, WhatsApp Plus comes with tons of other cool features that enable the user to use WhatsApp more efficiently. Let’s learn about the awesome WhatsApp Plus features and see how you can use them to your advantage.

WA Plus Features

WhatsApp Plus APK Features

User Interface and Customization Feature

One of the biggest advantages of WhatsApp Plus APK is its customization features. Users can change the look and feel of the app, including the background color, chat bubble color, font size, and more. Additionally, users can select from a variety of themes to change the overall appearance of the app.

Dark Mode – Dark mode lets you use WhatsApp with the black theme. This theme has 2 benefits. Since the theme is dark colored, the stress on the eye will be reduced. Another benefit is that your battery will last longer.

Themes – In the official version there are no themes, except the light mode. However, with the latest version of WhatsApp Plus APK, you get dedicated access to the theme store.

Theme store contains hundreds of themes that you can use to your liking. Plus you can create your own themes too and upload them on the server.

Emoji Variants – Official WhatsApp only has the old emoji variants. However, WhatsApp Plus contains different types of emojis. Like iOS-styled emojis, New fun emojis, and 3 different styles that you can choose in settings.

Font Style – You can also change the fonts within the app. Simply choose the fonts and tap on Apply.

Wa Plus Customization Settings

Privacy and Security Features

WhatsApp Plus APK offers enhanced privacy and security features, such as the ability to hide the “typing” and “online” status. Users can also hide the blue ticks that indicate that a message has been read. Moreover, users can password-protect their conversations to ensure that their messages remain private.

Direct Message –  You can now send direct messages to people without having to save their number on your Phone. On official WhatsApp, you have to save the number first before you send messages to someone.

Freeze Last Seen – You can now freeze your last seen, which means that your last seen is not visible to anyone now. The official version lacks this feature.

Call Settings – You can now choose who can call you on WhatsApp. For example, there are times when you don’t want someone to call you on WhatsApp directly.

You can add their number to the blocklist and they won’t be able to call you. They can still somehow send you the messages. But calling will be blocked for them.

Chats – You can also make use of features like hide typing and online stats. You can also hide a blue tick for the person you sent a message to.

WA Plus Privacy and Security Settings

Media Sharing Features

WhatsApp Plus APK offers a wide range of media-sharing features. Users can send high-quality images, videos, and audio files without worrying about file size limitations. The app also offers the ability to send uncompressed images and videos, which is not possible in the original WhatsApp app.

Disable Image Share Limit – There is a limit on official WhatsApp to share media files. You can now remove the 100 MB share limit and send your friends bigger videos up to 2 GB. You can also remove the 16 MB limit for videos recorded within WhatsApp.

Send high-quality images – Official version of WhatsApp reduce the image quality whenever you send someone an image through WhatsApp. You can remove this limit by default by using WhatsApp Plus. With Wa Plus, you will be able to send images with 100% quality.

Other Miscellaneous Features

WA Plus Media Sharing

In addition to the features mentioned above, WhatsApp Plus APK also offers a variety of miscellaneous features. For example, users can choose to hide the WhatsApp Plus APK icon from the app drawer to maintain privacy.

Moreover, users can share their location with contacts in real time, which is useful for coordinating meetups.

How to Download WhatsApp Plus APK

To download WhatsApp Plus original APK, follow these step-by-step instructions. It will take around 5 minutes to install and set up Blue WhatsApp Plus on your Android phone. So let’s get started.

First of all, you will need to give your Android device permission to install the app outside the Google Play Store.

Enable “Unknown Sources” in Device Settings

Before you can download and install WhatsApp Plus APK, you need to enable “Unknown Sources” in your device settings. To do this, go to “Settings” > “Security” > “Unknown Sources” and toggle the switch to enable it.

Download WhatsApp Plus APK

Next, download the WhatsApp Plus APK file from a trusted source. You can find the latest version of WhatsApp Plus APK by on our website at aerowaapps.com

Install WhatsApp Plus APK

Once the file has finished downloading, open the APK file to begin the installation process. Tap next and install whenever asked and wait for the installation to complete.

Register Number on WhatsApp Plus APK

After the app has been installed, open WhatsApp Plus APK and enter your phone number to verify your account. Once you have verified your phone number, you can start using WhatsApp Plus Blue APK and take advantage of all of its features. You can also choose to restore your chats used on official WhatsApp.


In conclusion, WhatsApp Plus APK is an excellent alternative to the official WhatsApp application. It offers tons of features that are not available in the original WhatsApp app. These features include customizable themes, privacy options, and media-sharing capabilities.

Use interface is also good and the best part is that WhatsApp Plus is free. We have more modified WhatsApp available on our websites such as GB Whatsapp, YoWhatsApp, and more you can try them out.

However, it is essential to note that downloading and using WhatsApp Plus APK is not officially supported by WhatsApp. And that’s the reason, WhatsApp Plus is not available on Google Play Store. And there is a risk that your account may be banned.

Therefore, it is recommended that users use the app and avoid using it for illegal purposes. Overall, if you are looking for an enhanced messaging experience, WhatsApp Plus APK is definitely worth trying out.

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Can I use WhatsApp Plus APK without getting banned?

Yes, you can use WhatsApp Plus without getting your account banned. However, keep in mind that since WhatsApp Plus is an official app, you should not overuse the features or abuse any extra feature you get on WhatsApp Plus.

How do I transfer my WhatsApp chats to WhatsApp Plus APK?

Yes, you can transfer the chats from WhatsApp to the WhatsApp Plus APK. To do this, you can take the local backup on WhatsApp and then restore using the restore feature when you register on WhatsApp.

Is WhatsApp Plus APK legal?

Though there are no clear orders or statements regarding the legality of WhatsApp Plus, you can still use it without any issues. Millions of people use it and there are no legal consequences for using it.

What are the benefits of using WhatsApp Plus APK over WhatsApp?

You get dozens of security, privacy, and customization option that the original WhatsApp doesn’t have. So there are lots of benefits one can get by using WhatsApp Plus APK.

What is WhatsApp Plus APK?

WhatsApp Plus APK is a modified version of the original WhatsApp application that offers additional features not available in the official version.

Is WhatsApp Plus APK safe to use?

It is safe to use. However, keep in mind that since it’s a third-party app, you may face ban issues. That’s why we always recommend you use the latest version and also use a secondary number on WhatsApp.

How is WhatsApp Plus APK different from WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Plus has all the base features that the original WhatsApp has. But it also has dozens of other features that the official version doesn’t have. If you want to make better use of WhatsApp, then you should definitely use WhatsApp Plus APK.

How do I update WhatsApp Plus APK?

There are two ways to update WhatsApp Plus APK. You can download the update right within the app. Or if you want a more reliable and safe experience, you can always count on us.
Just check on our site for Wa Plus update and download and install it over the existing WhatsApp Plus App.

Can I use WhatsApp Plus APK on iOS devices?

No, WhatsApp Plus APK is only available for Android devices. Since iOS doesn’t allow the installation of third-party apps, there is no development for WhatsApp Plus on iOS devices.
However, there is a WhatsApp Mod called WhatsApp Plus iOS that you can install on iOS devices.

What are the risks of using WhatsApp Plus APK?

Using WhatsApp Plus APK won’t have risk as of such but your account might get banned. Make sure to not abuse any features or overuse any of the features in WhatsApp Plus APK.

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